About Me

Hi, I'm Alex.

I design, build and research things from algorithms and genetics to furniture and web apps.

I'm fascinated by the intersection of the arts and sciences, and found in my Undergraduate work that Computational Biology is a field ripe for new techniques in data visualization and cutting edge algorithm development. I completed my Sc.B. in Computational Biology in May of 2015.

Currently, I work at IBM Design in Austin, TX as a Front End Developer and UX Designer. My primary role is as a developer, working closely with designers to bring new IBM products to the forefront of design.

My work at Brown University, spanning Genetics, Cellular Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, helped craft my focus on design thinking. The design process is an incredibly effective method for addressing difficult problems and I have honed my knowledge of design through independent projects and work with companies such as IBM.

In my own time, I love to tinker with electronics, photography & video, and carpentry & metal working. Much of my work revolves around web based visualization and control, using HTML5, OpenGL and other modern web techniques to bring complex computational problems to life in a graphical manner.


I think social shouldn't have to be an adjective to entrepreneurship. 

I value the elegance of the solution as much as the right answer.

I find the most reward in projects that produce a physical, measurable outcome. 



I have a (healthy) obsession with drafting pencils and graph paper sketch books.



  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Python, Java, Scala, MATLAB, C. Especially experienced using Node.js, MongoDB, and Angular.js to build web apps.
  • Avid user of both Git and Subversion file versioning systems. 
  • Experienced in full Adobe Creative Suite, with strong background in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, and Premier.
  • Experienced in Apple production suite; Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, etc. 
  • Familiar with SolidWorks, Rhino, and other common 3D rendering software.
  • Extensive, documented experience leading teams and managing large, multi-year projects.
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