A New Social Marketplace for Community Service Experiences


When you wake up on a Saturday and have some time to do good in your community, where do you turn? While you can check Facebook for upcoming social events, or GroupOn for cool weekend outings, there's no where to turn to find community service opportunities.

Advocate aims to change that. Non-profits post their events on our marketplace, giving volunteers quick access to events they can participate in.

Meanwhile, non-profits have access to our tools that help them organize and execute events faster and more effectively.

Finally, administrators for schools, fraternities or other organizations can see the service activities of their members to make sure they're on track to meet their requirements.

Made with Love in Providence

Advocate was founded in the spring of 2014 by Alexander Hadik and Josh Shiau. Alex was a Senior at Brown University studying Computational Biology and Josh was a Senior in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Alex and Josh worked together throughout the summer of 2014 while interning at IBM Design to build and launch a beta with 20 high school students in September 2014. For the next several months, Josh and Alex worked with these high school students to do thorough testing of the platform to ensure the system is stable and meets the primary needs of high school volunteers.