Swarm / by Alexander Hadik

Visualizing Team Building Exercises

Each node attempts to position itself to make an equilateral triangle with two other randomly selected nodes.

There's a series of team building exercises to play with a group of people I was taught recently at my IBM Design internship. The concept is the entire group stands randomly within a room, and each player randomly selects two other players. Then everyone tries to follow a predetermined geometric rule. The fun part is that no one knows who everyone elses partner is. The ones we played with were:

  1. Make an equilateral triangle with yourself and your two partners.

  2. Keep one partner (your protector) between yourself and the other partner (your enemy).

  3. Keep yourself in a line between your two partners.

I was curious what a final solution for each of these games might look like if they were carried out to infinity. So I coded the first example up in HTML. The GitHub page for this repo (ahadik.github.io/swarm) offers a live demo. The characteristics are interesting such as the fact that the nodes appear to form a circle before condensing entirely, with a few points in the middle.

I'll be releasing the other two examples and hopefully some others in the near future.