Photographing Transcriptic


Just like any other startup, Transcriptic is scrappy. We make do with what we can. That means that I often play the role of Photographer. Over the years I've created a collection of photographs we routinely use for our marketing material. I've pulled out some of my favorites here.

👋 This project is from my time at Transcriptic. Before you get going, you might check out this quick primer on Transcriptic and Strateos.

Menlo Park

Our Menlo Park automated facility is our original robotic lab. It's where we do most of our R&D, and it's also the office where I work.

I love capturing daily life in this facility. Our automation engineers and scientists are always present keeping our facility operational — and their focus comes across great in photography.


I also put together a lot of composite images, laying UI assets from our design team into photographs of our equipment. These assets are invaluable for showing our design work in context, and for communicating how an interface will be used.

San Diego

Our newest facility is our San Diego laboratory. This brand new 11,000 square foot robotic lab has capabilities far beyond our Menlo Park facility. The automation in this facility is just mind blowing — and it makes for some great photographs.

I think my favorite part of our San Diego lab is the lighting. Each robotic module has safety lighting that turns blue for operation, and red for danger. But if you trip the system up just right, you get some great multi-colored effects.

The automation itself is also incredibly photogenic. I love the stark white finishes on these devices against the harsh lighting of a lab.