In 2016 I joined Transcriptic as the first designer. Since then, I’ve been building and leading our Design Team. If you’d like to learn about Transcriptic and my work there, start with some of these quick options.

Read the Transcriptic Primer
Photographing Transcriptic

Marketing, Transcriptic


Code, Design Ops, Transcriptic

Automated Chemical Synthesis

Transcriptic, UI/UX

Scientific Datasets

Code, Transcriptic, UI/UX

Amino Design System

Code, Transcriptic, UI/UX

Bedside Table

Carpentry, Personal Project

Stereo Monitors

Carpentry, Personal Project


Code, School Project, UI/UX


Entrepreneurship, Personal Project

SolidWorks Modeling

School Project


Code, Hardware, Personal Project

Coat Rack

Carpentry, Personal Project

Pine Slab Table

Carpentry, Personal Project

Autonomous Toy Car

Code, Hardware, School Project